0.10: What’s new in Stitchflow ✨

Tanya Butani

Recommended boards

Recommended Boards allow you to monitor trends and patterns across your connected data. Quickly glance at the board count, preview board data, add the recommendation to your boards for continuous monitoring, or ignore the recommendation if it’s not helpful. These boards are available out-of-the-box so you can get started immediately after you’ve finished connecting your tools.


Real-time actions log

View all the actions you’ve run across third-party tools in one place. Search for any action, view actions in progress, filter by connection and status, and expand for additional details.


Fine-grained role-based access

Configure access to every field and action across all of your connected tools. For example, you can add access overrides to specify which users and groups should have visibility to sensitive custom fields in Okta or admin-only actions in Google Workspace. Access overrides always take precedence over default workspace access, ensuring no sensitive data visibility concerns.


Read-only integrations

Connect to any tool with read-only access. Read-only access allows you to view data from the connected tool, but prevents you from making any changes or modifications to the data or settings within the tool. This helps maintain data integrity, prevent accidental changes, and control access to sensitive information.


In-app & email notifications

Enable notifications to stay on top of important updates. By default, we’ll share activity like connection access requests, shared boards, new users etc., but you can easily modify notifications preferences to stay informed without being overwhelmed by emails.