We're elevating IT visibility

Our vision is to make every organization’s IT team fully predictive and self-served, enabling seamless employee experiences and no disruptions.

Stitchflow is the Corporate IT Visibility Platform designed for cloud-native IT teams. We correlate and normalize IT metadata from over 50 tools, providing enriched context—all from within a single plane of glass. Stitchflow empowers organizations by closing gaps in access, resources, compliance, and costs to ensure continuous confidence in the accuracy of their IT environment.

As a founding team with over a decade of collective experience building systems, products and processes for cloud-native IT teams at companies like Okta and atSpoke, we deeply understand the challenges these teams face. Modern IT teams wrestle with significant tool fragmentation and configuration complexity, making even basic tasks manual and cumbersome. Our mission is to provide effortless 360-degree visibility across your entire IT environment, requiring no effort beyond authentication.


What we believe


We are committed to understanding, anticipating and exceeding the needs and expectations of IT teams.


We prioritize empathy, cultivating a culture that values understanding and communication.


We set ambitious targets that we strive to hit by working smarter, not just harder.

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