Introducing Stitchflow:

A Visibility Platform for Corporate IT teams

Jay Srinivasan

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new company, Stitchflow, in the IT Operations space!

Serving Cloud Native  IT Teams for a Decade

IT teams are the oil that keeps a company's engine running. When an IT team is effective, every employee in the company is able to perform at their best

For over a decade, we've dedicated ourselves to serving Cloud Native IT teams (as the name suggests, Cloud Native IT teams operate entirely in the cloud). We were most recently part of the product team for Okta's Identity Governance and Administration product after the acquisition of our IT service desk company atSpoke. atSpoke served employees where they were with machine learning and integrations right out of the box. After scaling to support millions of tickets a month, Okta acquired atSpoke in 2021.

IT’s Visibility Problem

We started Stitchflow to solve a specific issue - IT teams have a massive visibility problem.

Let us explain what we mean.

Starting with the obvious, modern IT teams are dealing with incredible tool fragmentation. Core IT tools such as Okta, JAMF, Active Directory, Company-wide tools such as Slack, Zoom and Office365, and a never ending list of function specific SaaS tools like Salesforce, Asana, and Airtable. IT teams need to keep track of 10s to 100s of tools.

But it’s not just about the number of tools. It's also about how complex the core IT tools are, and how different IT tools interact—intricate webs of employees, former employees, contractors, apps, groups, and channels. This creates an environment where it’s hard to keep track of everything across the entire IT estate—a visibility problem.

And a lack of visibility results in pervasive gaps. People have access to tools, groups and channels they shouldn't. Or people who should have access don't. There are compliance and device security gaps. Or your MDM and AV solutions are telling you different things about the same devices and you don’t know what to believe. And scores of unused licenses.

You’re dealing with fragmented tools

And incredible complexity within each tool
Making all of this very difficult

Spreadsheet Gymnastics

So how do IT teams get the data they need for user access analyses, user misalignment between departments and groups, workflow gaps, SaaS app management and compliance and security?

Manual, time-consuming spreadsheet gymnastics involving multiple tools, extensive use of VLOOKUPs, and constant manual error checking is the norm. And when issues are identified, the remediation process is just as cumbersome—entailing multiple manual entries across various tools, back-and-forth communications, and data that becomes outdated almost as soon as it's compiled.

IT teams are spending a day a week just finding data that already exists! 10-20% of an IT team’s time is spent in spreadsheets, and this increases disproportionately with the size and complexity of an organization. And this doesn’t account for audit season or the time spent manually remediating issues.

And despite spending a day a week in spreadsheets, there are still pervasive access, cost and security issues. Some common but difficult holes to address: accounts without MFA and disk encryption, de-provisioned users with active applications assigned on Okta, former employees with access to PII, devices with no MDM ping in months, 100s of unused SaaS licenses, and rampant inconsistencies between Slack channels, Okta groups, Google groups and departments.

Introducing Stitchflow

IT teams need an IT graph: Real-time, fine-grained data from every tool, stitched together in a single pane of glass.

Stitchflow correlates and normalizes cross-tool IT data with unmatched breadth of endpoint coverage across more than 50 IT specific tools. We automatically map relationships between tools and give IT teams 360 visibility across their entire IT environment.

Stitchflow automatically runs over 100 tests on your data across user access, drift in enrollment between groups, apps and channels, device health, compliance checks, and unused apps. Stitchflow identifies exactly what needs to be fixed, enables remediation in bulk, and then automates maintenance so gaps are addressed as soon as they are found. All with no effort required from IT teams beyond authentication.

Benefits for IT Teams

What are the benefits for IT teams? Simply put: speed, fewer gaps, and continuous confidence in the correctness of your IT environment. What this translates to is operational efficiency for IT teams by eliminating spreadsheet work and creating the ability to take action across tools 10 times faster, peace of mind from monitoring gap conditions across every aspect of your IT environment, and cost savings from more efficient use of existing IT resources and optimized license costs.

Our Free, White-Glove Trial and No Effort Gap Analysis

20 IT teams from incredible companies like Drata, Forma and Starburst Data have been using Stitchflow since May and are seeing daily value— hours saved every week in spreadsheets, quick identification of gaps in their environments, and the ability to rectify painful issues in bulk.

Stitchflow’s free trial is commitment-light, requiring no set-up; All you have to do is authenticate into your tools and Stitchflow generates a gap analysis. You can instantly address issues and have confidence in the continuous correctness of your IT environment going forward. You can get a demo or try out Stitchflow by signing up on our website.

Visibility is just the beginning

360-degree visibility with an IT graph to address gaps is just the beginning. Enhanced visibility is the foundation for more effective IT workflows, enabling nuanced triggers and ensuring workflow accuracy. It simplifies and streamlines access requests and reviews. In IT service management, visibility equips agents with all necessary information, enhancing their efficiency in ticket resolution. And consolidating cross-tool data into a single dashboard significantly empowers AI to proactively identify areas for IT environment optimization. We’re committed to enabling all of these capabilities on top of Stitchflow’s core visibility platform.  Join us in advancing your IT operations!