Stitchflow IT Assessment

Jay Srinivasan

Stitchflow’s IT Assessment Overview

To that end, we have developed a free, commitment-light IT gap assessment that requires minimal input to conduct. By simply authenticating into your existing tools, we can identify and help remediate IT environment gaps across user access, resource drift, compliance, security and unused SaaS licenses

The IT Assessment with Stitchflow includes:

  • Comprehensive gap analysis of every access, resource drift, compliance and cost opportunity in your environment. Without Stitchflow, this would take 100s of hours of manual spreadsheet work

  • Prioritized gaps and remediation plans and recommendations

  • Ability to remediate gaps in bulk in Stitchflow versus manually addressing issues across multiple tools

  • Benchmarking against other organizations

  • Dedicated support from the Stitchflow team based on our expertise with other organizations in addressing identified gaps

The 4 types of visibility gaps in IT environments


Benefits of the IT assessment

The benefits of going through the free Stitchflow IT gap assessment:

Visibility, cost and security peace of mind

  • The ability to detect any gaps in user access, resource drift, compliance and SaaS app usage

  • Ability to cross-reference and reconcile data between tools that don’t traditionally speak with each other (e.g., Okta and Active Directory, MDMs and IDPs)

Operational Efficiency

  • Immediate comprehension of distributed context without spreadsheets and VLOOKUPs reconciling data manually across systems

  • Immediate single-click actions in multiple tools vs. having to log in to numerous UIs to perform the simplest tasks

Tests run during the assessment

Once tools are connected, Stitchflow detects gaps across your environment for you. With more than 100+ automated checks across employee management, resource drift, security and compliance and application usage, Stitchflow identifies active gaps in your environment that you can remediate with a single click.

We check for gaps in the following categories:


Integrations currently supported

The Stitchflow team has built connectors for the following Core IT tools, Company wide tools and SaaS applications. Requiring just a one-click connect, each integration is synched with live data and has incredible depth, often synching more than 100 data and action end points per tool. The Stitchflow team will continue to actively add new integrations so if something is missing, just let us know!

Stitchflow integrations


The light weight assessment process

Our pilot is free and commitment-light, requiring no set-up; All you have to do is authenticate into your tools and Stitchflow generates a gap analysis.

30-minute tool connection call
In a 30 minute guided call, we connect your tools with 1-click through OAuth or API keys from service or admin accounts. Stitchflow has created native integrations into every tool and requires no agents, no set-up or complex data migration.

Preliminary report and prioritization
Once your tools are connected, Stitchflow synchs and keeps all of your data up to date, normalizes and joins your data to create your unique IT graph. We then apply more than 100 tests across employee management, resource drift, compliance, security and application usage. We then prioritize your gaps to focus on the highest impact issues.

Remediation, continuous monitoring and ROI assessment
With Stitchflow you can remediate issues directly in the tool in bulk without having to take cumbersome manual steps in multiple tools. We continuously monitor the gaps and also assess the ROI that you were able to instantly realize in your environment on a gap by gap basis.

Typical results seen and gaps identified

The typical impact we demonstrate from the gap assessment and remediation is:

  • 50-100 stray user accounts fixed/organization initially

  • 25-50 device and admin security issues addressed/organization

  • >50 licenses removed/org

  • 100s of drifted group and security issues addressed

Get started today!

30 IT teams from incredible companies have been using Stitchflow since May and are seeing daily value - hours saved every week in spreadsheets, quick identification of gaps in their environments, and the ability to rectify painful issues in bulk.

Pilot organizations will also get heavily discounted pricing for current and future Stitchflow products. You can get a demo and try out Stitchflow by signing up below!