A single pane of glass for all your cloud IT tools

Stitchflow helps teams bridge gaps in access, compliance, resources, and cost for continuous data accuracy and confidence in their IT environment.

Access reviews

Right-size roles and permissions for applications, groups, and channels.

Reclaim unused licenses, deactivate abandoned applications, and downgrade underutilized licenses.

Close onboarding and offboarding gaps.

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SaaS utilization

Track metrics like login frequency, active users, and session duration across any IT tool to reduce costs.

Monitor utilization of paid licenses and optimize license allocation based on usage patterns.

Device health

Assess device health by reviewing system status, hardware performance, network connectivity, and security patches.

Safeguard against threats by ensuring authorized access and updates on devices.

Coming Soon

Automated remediation

Take immediate action using remediation workflows directly within Stitchflow.

Create alerts that instantly trigger responses from 100s of fine-grained fields and actions.

The Stitchflow Platform

Stitchflow connects and relates the data from every IT tool in your cloud environment

Data pipelines from every IT tool

You authenticate, we do the rest – pulling live data and actions from every tool. We keep it up-to-date and take care of the data pipelines and data consistency.

IT Graph to stitch data together

Join data from disparate tools in one view. Simply select the attributes you want to see and we display the data from across any tool in your dashboard.

License management

No developers needed. No data resources needed. No migration or setup needed. Just connect your tools and go.

Get wings. Join the pilot.

No setups. No agents. Request any integration.

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